kills your website is a website by MyAdWise Ltd which is a startup from Israel. It is probably one of the most used alternatives to the well known Adsense by Google. But since Adsense has such a high entry barrier, users often go for one of the many alternatives.

In order to get approved by Adsense with your blog, you should at least have 40 to 50 posts that are of high quality and unique. This can be especially difficult for a new website and it can take several months to get an approval.

What makes perfect offers something called “instant approval” – which means exactly what you might expect. You basically just go to their website and register for free. You don’t need to have X amount of content in your website or meet any special requirements. Just an email address and five minutes of your time is enough.

After your email confirmation you can login to their site and create ads – they offer several different ad types – including mobile ads, topbar, shadow box (aka popup), footer and the normal banner you would expect from a site like Adsense. Their website is very professional, clean and easy to use. But the ad types are a matter of choosing the best out of only bad options.

Since I don’t want to increase my bounce rate by placing popups or annoying ads I never really thought about placing a shadow box or a footer or a topbar. Because they are the definition of annoying.

Why kills your website

The topbar makes you think that you need a specific addon to view this page correctly – like the “You Flash Player is out of date – click here to update now!” scam we saw a few years ago. The footer and the shadow box are annoying as well – although not as misleading as the topbar.

The banner it is then. After selecting the size and dimensions you see a code that you can place on your website – I went ahead and made a box for my sidebar.

I was disappointed to say the least. The ad was on my page for several days and i checked in frequently to see if anything changed. But all I got was this:

This was a gif, it was flashing and blinking to get my attention




And no – the content on my page had nothing to do with downloading or winning anything. This is plain old scamming. They are trying to trick you into clicking on the ad and downloading potentially malicious software onto your computer.

Everyone that has been using the Internet for more than a couple of weeks knows, that this is not something you want to click on and will avoid it. But there is still enough people out there that will fall for that thing, either by accident or not.

So I am asking you as a website developer, do you really want the money that badly? They say they have one of the highest payouts of all the ad networks that are out there, but at what “cost”?

Verdict has a very professional website and is very easy to use. You don’t need to get approved to make money with your website. This liberty comes with a price tag though. The ads you are showing to the visitors of your website are trying to trick them into clicking on them and downloading potentially dangerous software. The ads pretend to be a part of your site – like the download buttons – and don’t advertise any specific product – your visitors are the product.